Universal claims that director Carl Rinsch is still in control and editing 47 Ronin

So, despite reports that he had essentially lost control of 47 RONIN, Universal is now changing their story and saying first time director Carl Rinsch is still in the driver's seat on the film.

The previous report stated while Rinsch "seemed creative and competent" during preproduction on the 3D samurai epic, he "struggled to control the filmmaking process... [and] buckled under the pressure of the ambitious shoot." The budget, once $175 million, has now "ballooned to $225 million," and Universal co-chairwoman Donna Langley "is now overseeing the editing of the movie instead of the director." That does not sound like someone a studio would continue to leave in control of a huge motion picture.

Deadline is now reporting the complete opposite. According to them, Rinsch is actively editing 47 RONIN as we speak alongside studio representatives. Universal is also claiming Rinsch directed the reshoots and that the budget will stay under $200 million. Deadline goes on to explain where things "really" stand on the movie: the studio has taken a more active hand in the editing process on the Universal lot, which is unusual for that particular studio but hardly unheard of with a first-time director who doesn’t have final cut. Rinsch, a respected commercials and short film helmer who had the job of directing the Alien prequel until Ridley Scott took it and turned it into Prometheus, has opinions as strong as his visual sense. That doesn’t endear one to the crew, which is probably how these rumors get started. He’s new to the game of mounting a huge film and the studio has every right to protect an investment that is at least a $175 million 3D film. But the reports he has been removed from the editing room and that he had 47 Ronin taken away from him are wrong, as far as I can see. And the studio is hardly trying to hide a bomb, not when it chose December 25, 2013 as the new release date.

Hollywood feels more and more like the NFL. Studios/team owners who want to save money go for the rookie instead of the veteran so that they can put more money into merchandising and ancillary promotions. But, when a rookie quarterback bombs out, you have a back-up to step in. Often times, even if your team stinks, NFL owners and players still make millions. With a movie, the chances of putting a big budget bomb (JOHN CARTER) can have repercussions that cost millions.

In either case, whether Universal is truly being honest about Rinsch remaining in control of 47 RONIN or if the movie is actually in deep trouble, we will find out come December 25, 2013. Unless they change the date again. In that case, the movie is f*cked.

Extra Tidbit: I still have zero desire to see this movie.
Source: Deadline



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