Vanessa Hudgens is Powerless for DC Comics comedy series

Vanessa Hudgens is joining the DC Universe.

Fresh off a well-received role in Fox's GREASE LIVE, Hudgens has signed on to star in NBC's comedy pilot POWERLESS, which will be taking place in a world that houses DC characters. The prospective series would revolve around one of the worst insurance companies in the world, with the catch being that these normal, working stiffs with no extraordinary abilitiles whatsoever have to deal with the way the world is when superheroes are in in.

Hudgens would play Emily Locke, an insurance adjustor who enjoys her job due to the joy she gets out of helping others, but when your every day is filled with claims filed due to superheroes and supervillains and their disruptive activity, it can become a bit overwhelming.

POWERLESS certainly is a fresh idea at a time when different can really separate the comic properties from each other in the public's eyes. We're at a point where doing things like everyone else won't help you stand out, but trying something fresh may help elevate you. I'm all for POWERLESS getting a fair shake and I hope Hudgens can help lead this idea to solid ground.



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