Vote Batman or Bane in Empire's for new Dark Knight Rises cover reveal

You know, it's sort of a cool concept what Empire is doing here. You can go to this link and decide which image you want revealed for their next cover. The more votes you cast, the more the cover is revealed. Not a bad concept.

Unfortunately, the chosen subjects aren't the best in my opinion. If this was the absolute first time we'd seen characters from THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, it would be pretty cool, and I would be sitting here all day voting. But we've already seen a ton of Bane pictures in full costume on set, and uh Batman? I think we know what he looks like by the third movie.

Between the two, how is this even a contest? Rather, the other choice should probably be Catwoman. Even though it would likely just be Anne Hathaway in pointy goggles, at least it would be a new character.

I was hoping these would be fully revealed by the end of my shift, but Bane has 22,000 votes and you can't even see past his nipples yet. Check back next month for the full image (or hopefully in a few hours if they speed this process along).

Extra Tidbit: I just don't like the Bane costume. When we saw the Joker finally, we were at least like "oh shit!" despite all the Ledger doubts. Not so here.
Source: Empire



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