Want to work for JoBlo.com? Are you good with videos, trailers...?

The JoBlo Movie Network is is looking to add a new member to its team. If you are someone who loves all things video and trailers, this might be for you... 

Position: Video/Trailers Administrator
(flexible hours)

What is the position exactly?

You'd be in charge of finding all of the latest trailers/clips/featurettes/etc..., downloading them, converting them into Flash video files and adding all relevant information about each video to both our VIDEO and TRAILERS sections. Finding them is actually the easy part, since we generally receive most of that info from the studios, but you need to have the following requirements to succeed at the gig. We would also provide you with access to studio press sites.

What is required of this post?

Below is a list of requirements for this position. We pay on a quarterly basis (every 3 months), but consider it "beer money" as opposed to any sort of down-payment on a mortgage (i.e. you'd be doing the job for the "experience", not the big bucks). You don't need to have every single thing on the list below, but the more you have...the better your chances.

- Availability Mon-Friday daytime (flexible hours -- although peek hours are 9-10am, 12pm and 7pm EST)
- Fast internet connection and download/upload ability
- A good understanding of how videos work (mov, flv, mp4 files...)
- Ability to work with a variety of encoding types
- Know where to find trailers like RSS feeds, Apple, trailer sites, etc...
- You MUST be a big movie fan who knows their shit. Duh!
- Experience with editing videos is a plus!
- Social networking experience is a plus!

How do I apply?

Please apply using the specific email address below. Include in it why you think you would be ideally suited for this post (you gotta really sell us with shit to back it up as as well) Also, include your full name, age, as well as any relevant past experience with videos/trailers and anything else that is relevant to this position.


[email protected]

Source: JoBlo.com



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