Wanted producer gives update on sequel; says script is "getting pretty good"

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Although it's been awhile since we've heard anything about a sequel to Timur Bekmambetov's WANTED, producer Marc Platt recently told Coming Soon they are still interested in doing another movie, and are currently working on the script. But if you haven't seen WANTED, you'll probably want to avoid Platt's comments below about the sequel.

Spoiler Alert!

We have a script that’s getting pretty good. To do a sequel when it wasn’t really set up for a sequel–one of our main characters dies in it. You don’t want to just retread a similar story, but when we get the script to a certain bar, there will be a sequel. It’s taken a while because it’s challenging, as I said, because we lost a main, main character, so where that James McAvoy character goes now… we have good ideas though. It’s coming along.

Marc Platt goes on to say Mark Millar (who created the comics the movie was based on) isn't writing the script for the sequel, however he is involved with the project.

He’s always going to be involved but he’s not going to write the screenplay which is far along, as I said, but he’s always going to be involved because the tone he puts forth is so much his tone and I think the film captured that dark humor of his really well.

WANTED grossed over $300 million worldwide back in 2008, but I highly doubt an Angelina Jolie-less follow-up would come anywhere close to those numbers, and I'm not sure how many people are really that interested in seeing a sequel. Are you still down for another WANTED?

Source: Coming Soon



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