Watch the actors of Cloud Atlas transform through time with the new website

Cloud Atlas 656 banner

This is just extraordinary.

CLOUD ATLAS, which already blew many a mind when the first trailer appeared last week, is back to do it again with a truly marvelous website experience where what is presumably a sample of the score plays as the actors transform through time before your very eyes.  Not every transformation of every actor is shown, but it demonstrates the idea rather spectacularly and shows that it bloody well works.  You can click here to see for yourself.

I've posted a picture of my favorite below (which I believe to be Hugo Weaving), though I very nearly chose the one version of Hugh Grant (out of a confirmed six) on display because whoa.  Definitely looking forward to how he plays that.

Then again, I'm just definitely and very much and wholeheartedly looking forward to everything about this film.  October 26th, you cannot come soon enough.

Hugo Weaving CA tophat

Extra Tidbit: My "multiple viewings" sense is tingling.



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