WB greenlights its planned Lego universe movie

Warner Bros. has given the greenlight to its planned Lego movie, a movie the studio has been developing since 2008. Phil Lord and Chris Miller (CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS) wrote the script for the film and will co-direct with Chris McKay of "Robot Chicken."

Exactly how you take a world as expansive and otherwise plotless as Lego and turn it into a movie remains to be seen. The film is expected to be a mix of live-action and animation, though they concede that the animation will take up 80% of the film. Animal Logic, who worked with WB on LEGEND OF THE GUARDIANS, will handle the animation for the film.

Lego and Warner Bros. are no strangers to collaborations. The second installment of the "Lego Harry Potter" video game series hit stores last week and a massive "Lego Superheroes" line is due next year that takes place entirely within the DC Universe.

The film, which starts production next week in Australia, is expected to be released in 2014. The addition of McKay allows Lord and Miller, who have their live-action debut, 21 JUMP STREET, releasing next March, to work on the film but still work on other projects.

No casting - voice or otherwise - has been announced for the film and won't begin until January.

Source: Variety



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