WB looks to Merlin to keep the wizardry going after Harry Potter ends

While YOUR HIGHNESS attempted to poke fun at the "swords and sorcery" genre (to mixed success), Warner Bros. is looking to take it seriously with a big-budget MERLIN picture in the works. The studio has bought the rights to THE LOST YEARS OF MERLIN for GREEN LANTERN producer Donald De Line.

The film will essentially be an origin story of Merlin, the great wizard, who started as a young boy washed ashore with no memory. He would later serve as a mentor to King Arthur. The movies will adapt the T.A. Barron books "The Lost Years of Merlin" into one epic tale.

The MERLIN project is also notable for the considerable job upgrade it gives Ed Whitworth. Just a few days ago, Whitworth was chugging along as a script reader for Oprah Winfrey. On the side, he was writing his own specs with not much success. But a recent draft was passed around Hollywood and someone must've thought he was right for MERLIN and he got the gig writing the script.

Could Warner Bros. actually make wizards cool again? I mean, they're always cool to me (ahem) but I see those little pewter collectible wizards and can't help but giggle just a lil bit.

Source: THR



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