WB set to distribute director Walter Hill's Bullet to the Head, formerly known as Headshot

A press release went out this past weekend regarding the Walter Hill/Sylvester Stallone cop revenge thriller, BULLET TO THE HEAD. With Joel Silver's Dark Castle production shingle on board officially, Warner Bros. has now come along to handle distribution of the final product.

Formerly known as HEADSHOT, the project is apparently based on a series of graphic novels from writer "Matz" (a.k.a. Alexis Nolent). The story is about "a New Orleans hitman who teams with an NYPD detective, as they are brought together by two vicious murders. The two proceed to take on all who stand in their way." As reported by our bros over at Arrow in the Head, Alessandro Camon (THE MESSENGER) is still writing on the project, working closely with Walter Hill (contrary to prior reports that the director had taken over the screenwriting completely).

And what of actor Thomas Jane, one of the few men ever to not get a job on account of being white? The press release for BULLET TO THE HEAD makes no mention of him at all, but does reveal the name Sung Kang (FAST FIVE) as a newly cast supporting player in an unspecified role. The last we heard of Jane was in a non-comment made to AITH about the issue of his being dumped for someone more "ethnic": "No comment, but I can tell you this, we have a classic with me & Sly & Hill. Script is tailor made for us all."

I'm happy the project is moving forward, but I'm still hoping Joel Silver will see the light of day and shut the f*ck up. Let Hill do what he wants!
Source: JoBlo.com



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