We interview The Martian author Andy Weir, plus Q & A with cast and crew!

To step foot on the grounds where history is made is something I don't think I will ever forget. When we stopped by NASA's JPL - Jet Propulsion Laboratory - we had a couple of really incredible opportunites. After witnessing about 49 minutes of footage from the exceptional looking Ridley Scott feature THE MARTIAN (which you can check out here) we had the privilege of sitting in on a Q & A session with Scott himself, along with the film's star Matt Damon, author of the book Andy Weir, NASA's Jim Green and real life NASA astronaut Drew J. Feustel. It was a wonderful session that has made me even more excited for the upcoming feature.

Afterwards, we were given a tour of JPL and I am still in awe. Even more exciting was taking the time to chat 1:1 with NASA's Dr. Jim Green. During our conversation, we discussed working with Sir Ridley Scott and the prospect of continuing a collaboration between NASA and other filmmakers. It really was an honor to chat with this incredibly intelligent man. If anything, it was a tad indimiating at first, but he quickly made it more comfortable and he was more than willing and able to chat about THE MARTIAN and NASA.

While I've only started reading THE MARTIAN, I became an instant fan of author Andy Weir. When I spoke to him regarding the film. We talked about how it came about, and how important the science was in creating this compelling tale. Andy is energetic, funny, and one of the most charming fellas I've had the pleasure to chat with. It is exciting to see his work come to life, and if the first 49 minutes of so of Ridley Scott's film is any indication, we are in for something truly great.

And if you have yet to see the new trailer for the film, it is more than worth checking out. THE MARTIAN will landing in a theatre near you this coming October 2nd.

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