We Talk 12 Strong with Chris Hemsworth, Michael Peña and more!

The first time I witnessed Chris Hemsworth take on THOR, I was an instant fan. The actor had the physicality of the character perfectly, but he also added a bit of humor to the role which made it all the more enjoyable. Yet as satisfying as it is to see him in the Marvel Universe, I certainly appreciate when he takes on a different kind of role. In his latest, 12 STRONG, he plays real life hero Captain Mitch Nelson, the man who led the first team deployed into Afghanistan after 9/11. It’s a terrific film, and it is also quite an emotional ride for the audience. Directed by Nicolai Fuglsig, the film also stars Michael Shannon, William Fichtner, Taylor Sheridan, Michael Peña, Rob Riggle and Trevante Rhodes.

Recently at the junket for the film, we sat down with a few members of the cast, including both Hemsworth and Peña. The two discussed taking on the real characters they played, as well as the relationship that the cast shared on set. They also talked a bit about 9/11 and how intense it was to be involved in this story. The two actors are quite good, and again, it is nice to see Hemsworth take on a different kind of role. It was a real blast talking to both Chris and Michael. If I hadn’t been a fan of both of these terrific guys already, I would be now.

Next up we spoke to MOONLIGHT star Trevante Rhodes who also discussed the impact of playing this character. He talked about how the success of MOONLIGHT opened this door, and as well, the subject of 9/11 came up. It is impossible for it not to with this one. And finally, we had a fantastic chat with Rob Riggle. Some may be more familiar with Rob as a comedic actor, but he has more than proven himself as a solid performer no matter the genre. However, the most interesting story he offered was how he worked for the real life version of the character he plays in the film. Both of these gentlemen were quite terrific to talk to, and it was clear they were happy to be a part of this particular story.

12 STRONG is a powerful film, one that will certainly leave an impact on many of us. Make sure you check it out this weekend at a theatre near you.

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