Weekend Box-Office: March 11-13, 2011

Wasn't much of a battle after all...

Despite three "big releases" opening this weekend, it was BATTLE: LOS ANGELES that easily took the top spot even though veteran film critics like Roger Ebert said stuff like "Young men: If you attend this crap with friends who admire it, tactfully inform them they are idiots." about the film. Wow, really Roger? Name-calling? I thought you'd be a little past that at your age. Our very own genre critic, the Arrow, loved the shit out of it, for what it was! For now, the film's trailers certainly seem to have made enough of an impression to get the "young kids" out in droves, but the film's real "success" will be confirmed over the next few weeks in regards to its staying power (or lack thereof). The film apparently cost about $70M to produce.

Last week's #1 movie, RANGO, managed to hang around the top spots with a #2 showing of $23M this time around, which ain't too bad for a film in its second week. The Johnny Depp-starring movie has now made close to $70M over the first 10 days of its release. The other new release of the weekend which fared "okay" was RED RIDING HOOD, which made $14M in its debut, while MARS FROM MARS tanked pretty major with only $7M in its first week of release, despite the fact that it apparently cost (prepare yourself for this...) $150M!!!! If someone can explain why this basic looking animated flick cost so much to make...mention it below.

Despite losing 45% of its audience from last weekend, THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU managed to grab the #4 spot this weekend, while 2010's "Best Picture of the Year", THE KING'S SPEECH, still hung around in 9th place with a total of $129M after 16 weeks of release (uuuuuhmmm, can we get this film out of the top 10 already?) We get it! The three films to get knocked from the top 10 this week include UNKNOWN ($58M), I AM NUMBER FOUR ($50M) and JUSTIN BIEBER: ALWAYS SAY NEVER TO THIS MOVIE ($71M).

Next week sees the release of 3 new "big releases" including fanboy faves Nick Frost and Simon Pegg re-joining forces in the sci-fi comedy PAUL (sans Edgar Wright, it's to note), Matthew McConaughey going back to his A TIME TO KILL roots with THE LINCOLN LAWYER and the director of 2006's THE ILLUSIONIST returning to the big screen in a film entitled LIMITLESS starring Bradley Cooper and Bobby DeNiro. What movie do you think will be atop the charts next weekend? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Battle: Los Angeles $36 M
2. Rango $23.1 M $68.7 M
3. Red Riding Hood $14.1 M
4. The Adjustment Bureau $11.5 M $38.5 M
5. Mars Needs Moms $6.8 M
6. Hall Pass $5.1 M $34.9 M
7. Beastly $5 M $16.9 M
8. Just Go With It $4 M $93.9 M
9. The King's Speech $3.6 M $129.1 M
10. Gnomeo & Juliet $3.5 M $89 M




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