Weekend Box-Office: March 18-20, 2011

Part of the 'Wolf Pack' gets #1...

A pretty boring weekend at the box-office. Despite LIMITLESS opening in 1st place with close to $20M, the other 2 new releases of the weekend, THE LINCOLN LAWYER and PAUL, opened in 4th and 5th place respectively while last weekend's #1 movie, BATTLE: LOS ANGELES, dropped 60% of its audience from a week ago, and down-shifted into 3rd place, still ahead of the two newcomers. All three new movies were receiving solid CinemaScore feedback from viewers though, with LIMITLESS and PAUL scoring a B+, while THE LINCOLN LAWYER was being lapped up with a score of A-.

RANGO seems to be the film that many are talking about these days, maintaining its 2nd place spot from last weekend, while increasing its overall total to $93M in its third weekend of release. The other topic that seems to have Hollywood buzzing, is the lack of young people going to movies these days. Over 70% of the LIMITLESS audience was over the age of 25, according to Yahoo Movies. Over 94% of the audience for THE LINCOLN LAWYER was over the age of 25 (that's what you get when you put a non-shirtless McConaughey as the lead in a film), while even the fanboy-oriented PAUL featured an audience of 60% that was made up of 25-year-olds and over.

MARS NEEDS MOMS seems to be the "bomb" of the season, grossing only $15M domestically, and only another $23M internationally. I can't imagine that will pay the $150M bill that it cost to produce the film. Yipes!

THE KING'S SPEECH was finally removed from the top 10 this weekend, in only its 17th week of release...nice! The film ended up with about $133M, despite starting off slow and in limited release. Just goes to show what a stuttering king can do for the box-office! GNOMEO & JULIET was also knocked from the top 10 this weekend, with a very respectable $94M in grosses (although we don't really know how much it cost), while Adam Sandler's latest "comedy", JUST GO WITH IT, ended up with $98M, which was Sandler's lowest overall box-office comedy gross since 2000's LITTLE NICKY with $39M (although I suppose you can consider 2009's FUNNY PEOPLE a "comedy" as well -- that film only grossed $52M).

Next week sees the release of only 2 "big movies", the first of which is a sequel to last year's surprise-hit DIARY OF A WIMPY KID which cost $15M to make, while grossing $64M overall. This year's follow-up (wow, they wrote it up pretty fast, eh?) is entitled DIARY OF A WIMPY KID: RODRICK RULES and stars nobody we know or really care about. The other film being released is Zack Snyder's SUCKER PUNCH, which we're very excited about (we're giving away free swag HERE) since it comes from a great director, looks like a ton of fun and features hot chicks kicking ass. Yes, please! So how much $$$ do you think SUCKER PUNCH will open with next weekend? VOTE HERE!!!

1. Limitless $19 M
2. Rango $15.3 M $92.6 M
3. Battle: Los Angeles $14.6 M $60.6 M
4. The Lincoln Lawyer $13.4 M
5. Paul $13.2 M
6. Red Riding Hood $7.3 M $25.9 M
7. The Adjustment Bureau $5.9 M $48.8 M
8. Mars Needs Moms $5.3 M $15.4 M
9. Beastly $3.3 M $22.2 M
10. Hall Pass $2.6 M $39.6 M




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