What did you think of...Blade Runner 2049?

After flopping at the box office and dividing opinion from studio execs, critics and audiences alike, Ridley Scott's BLADE RUNNER has become a staple of the sci-fi genre. With multiple versions floating around and many questions left unanswered about the film, BLADE RUNNER continues to entrance viewers and stand the test of time in every regard. Now, 35 years later, comes the sequel, BLADE RUNNER 2049, this time directed by visionary filmmaker Denis Villeneuve in a follow up that has a hell of a standard to live up to. Harrison Ford returns as (former) replicant hunter aka Blade Runner, Rick Deckard, who teams up with Ryan Gosling's mysterious "K" in a new mission at a new time that looks both visually stunning and complex in story. But, can it truly live up to the original?

Judging by the critical reception thus far, the answer is a resounding "yes." That's no small feat for a sequel like this and is surely a testament to the writing team, Villeneuve and a stunning cast of new and established actors. Our own Eric Walkuski thoroughly enjoyed the film in his REVIEW, saying it's "...an immensely compelling film, one that will surely divide certain audiences; it will make for a great conversation piece. I'm excited to see the reaction to it, because I think it's impossible to predict how any one person might respond to it. It's not an easy film to reckon with, it doesn't give you easy answers to swallow, and when it's all over you may feel just as unsure of its intentions as you did when it started." That's a hell of a recommendation and a compelling reason to get your ass to the theaters to see it. Chris Bumbray's review was on equal footing, saying the film is "undoubtedly, one of the year’s must-see cinematic events. It’s imperfect, but there’s enough going on here that I wouldn’t presume to say I caught it all the first time, or fully appreciate what Villeneuve’s done yet. After all, it’s BLADE RUNNER. It’s meant to be challenging and that’s exactly what this is."

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And with that, now it's your turn! We want to hear what YOU thought of the film! Naturally, we'd prefer you to comment only if you've seen the film as that's the point here, but do what feels good. Just don't get mad if you get trounced for trolling or posting blatant spoilers in headlines. Healthy debate, genuine thoughts, and respectful interactions is all we ask. So, is this a worthy follow-up to the original or a broken-down replicant of it?

Rotten Tomatoes: 118 reviews, certified fresh: 94%

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