What did you think of...Robocop?

The latest addition to remake madness, ROBOCOP, is now in theaters after a whole lot of debate about its very existence. While the stalwart supporters of Paul Verhoeven's original contested the film from the get-go, the later generation seemed much more open to the idea of a newly revamped version of the sci-fi actioner. We've covered the marketing of the film extensively, including cast interviews, trailers, TV spots, and the like, which have been closely scrutinized by the movie geek community. And, rightly so, really, as it's not like they're remaking a forgotten romp, but rather an action classic. Our review by Chris Bumbray was fairly middle-of-the road (read it here), but our man The Arrow gave it a much better score, surprisingly (check it out here). Personally, I'd give it a 3 or 4 and I went in with an open mind. Regardless, there are quite a few who are genuinely excited, curious, or absolutely against this revamp.

Now that the film is out, everyone can judge for themselves whether this new version was worth the effort and we'd like to hear what YOU thought of the film. You can POST YOUR OWN REVIEW in our strike back section below (or to your Movie Fan Central profile) and we'll continue to update the Rotten Tomatoes and MFC reviews over the next few days as well.

Rotten Tomatoes: 152 reviews, avg score: 49%
Movie Fan Central: 4 reviews, avg score: 5.2/10

Source: JoBlo.com



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