What Marvel character would Nathan Fillion play if he had the choice? It might surprise you!

Nathan Fillion

Oh Nathan Fillion. Becoming an "A-List" celebrity and leading a major movie might not be his destiny but he has still won the hearts of countless fanboys and fangirls worldwide. In a lot of ways he's like this generation's Bruce Campbell. Whenever there's a new comic book film that needs casting it's almost a guarantee that someone, somewhere is yelling, "Give me Nathan Fillion!"

Most of the parts that Fillion has been rumored for have been hero roles, but did anyone stop to think that he'd play a decent villain? In a recent Q&A with his fans on Twitter one person asked Nathan Fillion who he would want to play in a future Marvel film. His answer? Scorpion.


I know what you're thinking. "Scorpion?! A third-tier super villain? Boo! Hiss! He deserves better!" But this is someone Nathan Fillion would WANT to play. Yeah, we'd all love to see him as Ant-Man but he didn't seem to keen on that did he? It seems studios have been a little leery casting Fillion as a lead because they think he isn't a big enough draw so if he is going to end up in a big superhero film maybe it's best that he starts with a secondary role. He wouldn't be stuck just playing the one character for the rest of his life either since you've got actors like Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds who have played at least three different comic book characters each.

It's not like THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 is casting for the part right now (hell, we have no clue if Scorpion will appear in any future Spidey films) but I'm glad Nathan Fillion threw it out there that he'd be interested. If I was Marc Webb I'd be making some phone calls.

What do you think? Should Fillion be saved for something bigger or do you want to see him as a villain/secondary character?

Extra Tidbit: Speaking of Ryan Reynolds and Nathan Fillion: I love Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Place. That is all.



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