Who could possibly hate Toy Story 3? These people...

It's not just a marketing ploy or an Oscar campaign: TOY STORY 3 really is the best reviewed film of the year. The film has almost 250 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and only 3 of them are so-called "rotten." The film has made over $400 million at the box-office, set all kinds of records and charmed the pants off kids and adults worldwide. So who would ever start up the website www.notoystory3.org and openly protest awards screenings in Los Angeles?

Tonight in Los Angeles, Disney plans on holding a big screening for members of the Academy and the least controversial film of the year, will actually have a picket line out front of angry people with signs reading, "Don't vote for Disney!" And the strange part? They'll all be Disney employees.

It turns out a group of hotel employees at Disneyland in Anaheim are unhappy about changes to their medical plan and are attempting to thwart the TOY STORY 3 Oscar campaign to raise awareness for their cause.

I don't want to get into the politics of the situation but it has something to do with lower-paid workers who are unhappy at being forced to change to a Disney-approved healthcare plan that will cost an additional $365/month.

Since this is a movie site, we'll stick to that side of things: could this actually hurt TOY STORY 3's Oscar campaign? I think the union workers would like to think it would and that Disney would cave to their demands but frankly, I don't know that AMPAS members are all that concerned either. TOY STORY 3 will surely get a nomination but will have a very, very, very hard time getting a win for Best Picture (it so far hasn't won one critic's group award for Best Picture) and I don't see a protest changing that one way or another.

Extra Tidbit: What's the best anti-TOY STORY protest rally cry you can think of?
Source: Variety



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