Who will Benicio Del Toro play in Guardians of the Galaxy?

The moment that Benicio Del Toro joined GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY it seemed that was the moment that people started getting really excited. Who would he be playing? Many placed their bets on Thanos. I also saw a couple of people who mentioned Doctor Strange. But according to a "very reliable source" of ComicBookMovie.com it's another character entirely.

If the source does indeed have the goods on the scoop then it looks like the actor will play the part of Taneleer Tivan, but you might know him better as The Collector. However as CBM points out, the addition of The Collector is not exactly new news. When it was announced that Ophelia Lovibond was joining the cast it was mentioned that she would play the aide to Tivan. At the time though, there was no one in the role of Tivan.

When Del Toro was cast, it was said that he would be in multiple future Marvel movies. So how will The Collector fill in with the rest of the Universe? Or do you think that CBM got it wrong and that he's got to be either Thanos or Doctor Strange?

Source: CBM



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