Will AMC screen Star Wars: Episodes I-VI before The Force Awakens?

AMC theaters have been known to screen a marathon of like films before the latest and greatest (anyone attend that 11-film Marvel Marathon?), but if the following is to be believed, we may have a whole hell of a lot of STAR WARS on our hands this Fall! A Twitter follower of Star Wars Junk screencapped the following, stating that it was taken down only minutes later. Check it out:

Looks pretty legit, although if you were to follow the link to that, you'd end up seeing this:

Now, that error message isn't anything new on AMC's part, so it's hard to confirm whether or not the original Tweet was legit. To make matters more complex, Slash Film reports that an AMC executive reached out to them, stating that the supposed Tweet was merely a photoshop job. On the other hand, Star Wars Junk has a "source" that states that the linked page was taken down because AMC's deal to show all six movies (the Blu-ray iterations) has not been finalized yet. What is truth?!? With FORCE AWAKENS hitting theaters in 3 months from now, I'm sure we'll hear word soon enough if AMC is planning a super saga party.

STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS opens on December 18, 2015.



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