Daisy Ridley says new Star Wars movies take “different direction”

Daisy Ridley says Kathleen Kennedy sold her on more Rey-starring Star Wars over a meeting disguised as breakfast.

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Daisy Ridley hasn’t been part of the Star Wars universe since the 2019 trilogy capper The Rise of Skywalker. And it didn’t take a whole lot of force for her to rejoin, saying the story that was pitched by Kathleen Kennedy made her sign on to be in yet another series of movies. Speaking with French outlet AlloCiné, Daisy Ridley said Star Wars producer Kennedy approached her to have a seemingly innocent enough bite to eat, but soon enough said there were plans to continue the story of Rey. “I thought about it for a little bit and once I knew what the story was and everything I knew it was something I really wanted to do. I think it’s a really fantastic exploration of the Star Wars world. It’s a really cool way of taking the story on in a bit of a different direction.”

Of course, with the movie’s release still far, far away, details on what this “different direction” will be are virtually non-existent. The main thing we know about Ridley’s new Star Wars is that it is set 15 years after the events of The Rise of Skywalker. That’s not a lot to go on but Kennedy was previously keen on reminding fans that “we left Episode 9 with Rey making a commitment to Luke Skywalker that she would rebuild the Jedi order.”

The plans for more Rey in the Star Wars series has been polarizing to say the least, with plenty of people leaning against the idea, pointing out that Ridley’s character wasn’t interesting enough to begin with…and if they couldn’t nail it with the 2015-2019 trilogy, why should fans be sold on the idea for another series? The next Star Wars movies will be directed by Shermeen Obaid-Chinoy (who has generated her own controversy since being hired), James Mangold and Dave Filoni. There, too, will be The Mandalorian & Grogu coming from Jon Favreau.

Are you excited for this new direction for the Rey arc of the Star Wars saga? What will it take for you to be sold on these movies? Give us your thoughts on the upcoming movies below.

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