Will Colin Farrell take up Lancelot's mantle for David Dobkin?

Colin Farrell slice

Back in January, Warner Bros. put the movie ARTHUR & LANCELOT from director David Dobkin (WEDDING CRASHERS) on indefinite hold due to both a ballooning budget and the belief that Kit Harrington (Arthur) and Joel Kinnaman (Lancelot) just didn't have the proper star power for this sort of thing yet.

The driving idea behind the project was to craft another "lighthearted action pic, similar in tone to Warners' successful Sherlock Holmes franchise," and it seems that the desire for another financial success akin to that of SHERLOCK HOLMES' $209 million domestic box office has not gone away as "talks with Farrell are at a very early stage" to play Lancelot. His presence would bring some of that aforementioned star power to the table, meaning perhaps that if talks do go through it will be enough to bring Harrington back as Arthur with no bad blood between the studio and Kinnaman since he's now set to be busy with ROBOCOP.

More on this soon, either way it goes.

In the meantime, here are some past Lancelots:

John Cleese as Lancelot

Nicholas Clay as Lancelot

Richard Gere as Lancelot

Ioan Gruffud as Lancelot

Extra Tidbit: Considering the Holmes/Watson dynamic they're going for, who (besides Harrington) would you cast as Arthur?



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