Will Smith is producing a reboot of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Everything old is new again as yet another classic television series is being rebooted for 21st century audiences. The popular 1990s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is coming back to television with star Will Smith involved as a producer. It is unknown at this point whether the series will serve as a revival like The X-Files or Fuller House or if it will be a straight reboot.

Sources told TV Line that Smith's production company Overbrook Entertainment is still in the pitch phase of the project which is being touted as a modernization of the original series that still maintains the spirit of it's predecessor. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air launched Will Smith from popular rapper to multi-media superstar. Running for six seasons on NBC, Fresh Prince eventually helped launch Will Smith as a feature film actor.

Ever child of the 90s holds a special place in their heart for shows like Fresh Prince. I defy you to find anyone in their early thirties who cannot recite the full theme song to the show. While a reboot is not by any means necessary, I completely understand why Smith would be jumping on the bandwagon. Hopefully they do it right.

Source: TVLine



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