Will the Lego Ninjago spin-off hit theaters before The Lego Movie sequel?

THE LEGO MOVIE is just about at $200 million worldwide, which is fantastic for an animated movie with a $60 million dollar budget. A sequel is already being developed, but Warner Bros. also wants to do a spin-off based on the Lego Ninjago toys. The question is, which one will we be able to see first?

THR has learned the studio is trying to decide which movie should be released first. THE LEGO MOVIE producers Dan Lin and Roy Lee and directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have signed on to produce NINJAGO, with Charlie Bean (TRON: UPRISING) directing. Warner Bros. only has the rights to one Lego movie sequel, so Lego could go to another studio after THE LEGO MOVIE 2. Dan Lin and Roy Lee have first-look deals with Warner Bros., and sources say they'll probably stay with the studio if there is going to be more than one sequel to THE LEGO MOVIE.

Lego's Ninjago toys have been featured before in the animated television series NINJAGO: MASTERS OF SPINJITZU, written by Dan and Kevin Hageman. The toys and the show have everything from ninjas (duh) and dragons to stone warriors and skeleton armies. The Hageman brothers received a "story by" credit on THE LEGO MOVIE, would be involved with the sequel, and have also written a draft for NINJAGO.

So which one would you rather see first: NINJAGO or THE LEGO MOVIE 2? Sound off below!

Extra Tidbit: Directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord also created the hilarious animated series CLONE HIGH. It's a little hard to find (although it was released on DVD in Canada), but it's a fantastic show worth checking out.
Source: THR



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