Williams the best Dad

Robin Williams has signed on to the upcoming comedy WORLD'S GREATEST DAD, which was written and will be directed by comedian Bobcat Goldthwait. Williams will play a failed writer teaching poetry at the high school. When his teenage son dies during a freak masturbation accident, he tries to cover up the embarrassment by claiming the death was a suicide. When the father's faked suicide note gets attention, he decides to fake an entire journal to get his writing career off the ground. While the teaming of the comedy stars behind SHAKES THE CLOWN and PATCH ADAMS might seem painful, it actually sounds like a pretty funny concept (assuming Williams doesn't schtick it up too much). The film is being produced by Sean McKittrick (THE BOX, DONNIE DARKO) with filming scheduled to begin next month in Seattle. Williams just wrapped filming on what might be the most painful comedy in recent memory, OLD DOGS, with John Travolta and Kelly Preston.

Extra Tidbit: Bobcat's last film was about a woman revealing to her boyfriend that she once gave a dog a hummer.
Source: JoBlo.com



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