Relive the return of (spoiler) in Solo: A Star Wars Story clip

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY may not be the most successful movie in the franchise by a long shot, but there were still some aspects here and there that got SW fans all abuzz. The one moment that likely inspired gasps in theaters across the world was the return of none other than Darth Maul (Ray Park) who, though having a place in several animated series, has not been featured in a live-action movie since THE PHANTOM MENACE. This is SOLO's coolest moment, and now it's online for you to watch again and again before the movie’s digital release on September 14.

Chances are we won’t see a SOLO sequel after the movie received a lukewarm response from critics and audiences, coming in woefully under expectations with just under $400 million worldwide. As a result, we probably won’t see how the Solo/Maul angle would’ve played out, meaning if they want to use him again there will have to be some clever placement in a future spinoff.

Screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan spoke about his appearance back in May, saying, "I was really passionate about him all the way through. I sort of had planted the seeds early and I wanted it to be built that way."

It's a shame they ended up hitching this wagon to a cart that ended up having no horse, as fans have been dying to see the character return in one way or another. Now his place in the live-action movies is back to being up in the air, which is a damn shame indeed. But, at the very least, we have this moment to relive again and again. Play it again, Sam!

SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY hits digital September 14 and is on Blu-ray September 25.

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