Woody Harrelson eyed for mentor role in Young Han Solo movie

The YOUNG HAN SOLO MOVIE is one that is perplexing to me. I just don't see the appeal. If it's about Han Solo turning into the scoundrel we know-and-love, then for most of the movie he's - by definitionnot going to be the Han Solo we know-and-love. And if he's a dirty rotten scoundrel at the beginning, and it's about him learning a lesson and becoming a better person, then isn't that just a retread of EPISODE IV?

Well, according to Variety, none other than Woody Harrelson is being looked at to play Han Solo's mentor in the new YOUNG HAN SOLO MOVIE.

On the one hand, this is great news, because Woody Harrelson is awesome. On the other hand, Han Solo has a mentor? Is this going to be more Hero's Journey bullshit? I mean, more likely, he's probably going to be like a sleazy gangster or leader of some thieves guild or something that Han has to distance himself during the course of the film. That's all conjecture on my part, but that would fit the more grungy, seedy world Han is from.

I'm conflicted on this one, because I hate the idea of the film, but I love the cast and crew. Alden Ehrenreich was awesome in HAIL, CAESAR! and looks like he'll kill it as young Han Solo, Donald Glover was born to play young Lando, and directors Christopher Miller and Phil Lord kick ass (and get a lifetime pass for CLONE HIGH alone). So I don't know what to think. I guess we'll just have to wait and see when it comes out sometime next year (possibly December).

Extra Tidbit: Han Solo had a anthropomorphic green bunny friend named Jaxxon in the original Marvel comics.
Source: Variety



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