Writers of Guardians of the Galaxy and Inside Out could board Captain Marvel

While I'm still somewhat surprised that we'll be getting a Captain Marvel film before a Black Widow film, I'm getting more and more excited for Carol Danvers turn on the big-screen in CAPTAIN MARVEL. Marvel announced the film last year during their Phase 3 press conference but beyond several rumours we haven't really been privy to much information on the film. Now THR has given the word that Nicole Perlman, who co-wrote GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, and Meg LeFauve, who co-wrote Pixar's INSIDE OUT, are in negotiations write CAPTAIN MARVEL.

LeFauve and Perlman are actually not a writing duo; they both approached Marvel separately with individual takes on the film and each impressed Marvel honcho Kevin Feige so much that he decided to have them join together and turn their ideas into one.

Nicole Perlman has history with Marvel, having joined them back in 2009. During that time she was offered a variety of properties to base a screenplay on; to the surprise of many she chose the one with a talking racoon and spent several years crafting various drafts for what would become GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. When James Gunn came on-board he brought his own contributions to the script and unfortunately there was some animosity between them with Gunn feeling as though not enough of Perlman's draft had survived to justify her co-writer credit. Gunn will write the sequel to GUARDIANS by himself but it's nice to know Marvel is keeping Perlman on-board for other projects.

Earlier today Kevin Feige dropped a couple of details about CAPTAIN MARVEL, including the confirmation that the character had appeared in an early draft of AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON but didn't make it any further than that.

The search is still on for the perfect actress to play the part, who do you see at Captain Marvel?

Source: THR



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