X-Men producer Simon Kinberg set to develop Logan's Run remake

Yes, it's that time to talk about a LOGAN'S RUN remake. Again. Everyone under the sun has been mentioned for this remake, and last we heard Bioshock creator Ken Levine was being passed up for "a fresh writer to develop the film for a female lead." That may or may not still be the case, but we at least have a name attached to the production; Simon Kinberg.

Kinberg is a name you've undoubtedly seen pop up in recent movie and TV news, as the man has been overseeing Fox’s X-Men franchise, FANTASTIC FOUR and DEADPOOL, as well as writing/producing a Star Wars Anthology film and an executive producing the Star Wars Rebels TV show. Kinberg has been brought on to write the overall story and treatment for the movie, and will join Joel Silver in producing. The actual script itself will be handled by someone else, although she/she/it has yet to be chosen. No word on whether or not the film is still being developed for a female lead in mind, but given the events of the original, I suppose it doesn't matter either way.

As the Hollywood Reporter article mentions, there have been a lot of Young Adult novels-turned-movies that have taken a page or two from LOGAN'S RUN (DIVERGENT, HUNGER GAMES). Not only do I not care about a LOGAN'S RUN remake, but I'm not sure anyone else does either. My hope is that they can bring a writer and director on that have a unique vision that no else has done before. At the very least, maybe Kinberg can actually bring this to fruition.

Do you care about a LOGAN'S RUN remake?



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