Yogi gets a Ranger

Remember that recent story about how CLOVERFIELD actor T.J. Miller made an audition tape with a live bear and purportedly landed the role of Ranger Smith in the YOGI BEAR movie from it?

Turns out it wasn't entirely accurate, since Variety now states that TV regular Tom Cavanagh ("Ed", "Scrubs") will be playing the park patrolman who's constantly trying to prevent the local mischievous bear from pillaging pic-a-nic baskets.

Cavanagh will also be the romantic interest for Anna Faris' nature documentarian, who pays a visit to Jellystone Park only to encounter the fuzzy talking carnivore with above-average intelligence.

Dan Aykroyd will lend his voice to the large hungry mammal, and Justin Timberlake provides the vocals for sidekick Boo-Boo. The project is being directed by FX guy Eric Brevig (JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF THE EARTH).

Whether Miller actually has some other role in the film remains to be seen. Maybe he's stuck holding (shaking) the camera again.

Extra Tidbit: Yogi's personality and vocal style were supposedly influenced by neighbor Norton on "The Honeymooners."
Source: Variety



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