Zoe Saldana & Madison Wolfe battle emotions in first I Kill Giants pics

"We are stronger than we think."

At this very moment in time, I am doing everything that I can to contain myself as I prepare to share with you a series of images from the upcoming film I KILL GIANTS. You must understand, this wildly imaginative and emotionally crippling independent comic book series is, without a doubt, my favorite of all-time. I'm serious, hell, I've even got a tattoo on the back of my left calf of Barbara standing atop a fallen giant's paw.

Today, The Hollywood Reporter has unveiled a series of first-look images for I KILL GIANTS, and I've got say, things are looking on-point! For the film, Anders Walter will be making his feature-length directorial debut for an adaptation of writer Joe Kelly (who will also adapt the screenplay) and artist J.M. Ken Niimura's high-fantasy and highly emotional comic book mini-series (now a graphic novel) about a misfit girl named Barbara who is forced to battle monsters both real and imagined if she's to ever move on from a terrible reality that awaits her back home.

While Madison Wolfe will portray the bunny-ear-wearing, Dungeons & Dragons-playing Barbara Thorson, Zoe Saldana will step into the role of Mrs. Molle, a school psychologist who's struggling to comfort her very gifted and troubled student. Additionally, Imogen Poots will also star in the film. I think I know who Poots will portray in the film, but that's totally spoiler territory, so you won't be hearing it from me!

From what I've gathered, the film is being shot in both Ireland and Belgium, with Chris Columbus producing through his 1492 Pictures/Ocean Blue Entertainment banner. Joining Columbus in that effort are Kim Magnusson, Kyle Franke, Man of Action Entertainment, Umedia, and XYZ Films. 

You guys, I still can't believe this is actually happening. I'm bursting over here, bursting! In all my time as a member of the comic book press, I've seen options come and go for stories that so deserve full-length-feature adaptations, and I'm overjoyed to see that I KILL GIANTS did not fall victim to the scrap heap. It's an emotionally-charged story that has stuck with me throughout every day of my life since I'd read it, nearly 6 years ago. I cannot wait to see this film, and I hope that you check it out as well. We'll be sure to update you when there are further developments on this promising and highly-anticipated (at least for me) project.

Extra Tidbit: The first time I read I Kill Giants, I was at a huge party in Brooklyn, NYC. It was wall to wall people, bands, and food ... then there was me, speedily reading through the final issues of the I KILL GIANTS books while sitting atop a couch. I just couldn't put it down, and when it was over, I cried. I cried right there in the middle of this giant party. It was amazing.



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