Pacific Heights (1990) Revisited – Horror Movie Review

Pacific Heights blends status culture with domestic and psychological thrills, creating an intense, melodramatic entry in the sub-genre.

Last Updated on May 28, 2024

Pacific Heights has mixed aspects of status culture, domestic and psychological thriller, giving us an intense, melodramatic, and juicy entry into one of the best subgenres. Add to that a surprisingly energetic directing style, alongside Michael Keaton going full psycho, and you get a decent early 90s Thriller. Today on Revisited, we head back to the 90s and dig into Lance Vlcek’s second entry into his Domestic Thriller Trilogy.

The film stars Michael Keaton, Matthew Modine, Melanie Griffith, Mako Mako, and Laurie Metcalf. It has the following synopsis: Unmarried yuppies Patty (Melanie Griffith) and Drake (Matthew Modine) move into an expensive dream home in a high-end neighborhood in San Francisco. As they renovate the house, they look for a tenant for the first floor of their house. Carter Hayes (Michael Keaton) seems like a great fit at first, but it transpires that he is a con artist who plans to swindle them out of their real estate. As Hayes tries to drive them out of their own home, the couple must take drastic measures to fight back.

The Pacific Heights episode of Revisited was Written, Narrated, and Edited by Lance Vlcek, Produced by Tyler Nichols and John Fallon, and Executive Produced by Berge Garabedian.

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