Tarantino brews up L.A. coffee joint as nod to Pam Grier’s Coffy

Quentin Tarantino has opened Pam’s Coffy — part coffee joint, part movie haven — next to his own Vista Theater.

Last Updated on February 21, 2024

pam's coffee

The baddest one-chick hit-squad that ever hit town is brewin’ some hot coffee – or should we say Coffy? Quentin Tarantino has opened up a coffee shop next to his own Vista Theater called Pam’s Coffy, so named after both actress Pam Grier and her 1973 blaxploitation classic.

Now an official neighbor to the Vista Theater – which reopened last November thanks to Tarantino – Pam’s Coffy opened on February 14th while the iconic theater was in the middle of their IB Tech Fest, honoring the process that is marked for having pristine colors that don’t fade. That night’s double feature was What’s Up, Doc? (1972) – which Tarantino has said will be part of the Cinema Speculation follow-up – and The War Between Men and Women (also 1972).

But enough about screenings most of us won’t be able to attend. Pam’s Coffy is an ode not just to its namesake star – although her face is on the label (as is Tarantino’s name) and a poster for Coffy hangs inside – but meant to be a chill place to have a cup of joe. As an employee put it (via Eater LA), “The whole vision was let’s make it funky…Let’s make it like two high school kids are putting together a little coffee shop.” Now, let’s just hope that Bonnie isn’t in charge of purchasing the beans…

Tarantino has, expectedly, brought his own personal touches to Pam’s Coffy, like offering bowls of cereal, something he has openly been a fan of. The price? As much as a Jack Rabbit Slim’s milkshake. There, too, is some self-promotion, as the counter displays the logo for Video Archives, the podcast he co-hosts with Roger Avary, and figures from Pulp Fiction. There is even a street sign for Cielo Drive, which is where Rick Dalton – and of course Sharon Tate – lives in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Surprisingly, Pam’s Coffy looks to be light on Jackie Brown nods despite it being the only time Tarantino ever worked with Grier.

Tarantino also owns the New Beverly Cinema a few miles up the road from the Vista Theater.

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Source: Eater LA

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