Poster & trailer for Robert Conway’s The Encounter, starring Clint James

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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Hope you're ready for another close encounter with a found footage alien abduction horror film because that's exactly what we're getting with Robert Conway's THE ENCOUNTER, which is set to come our way in June 2015 from Uncork'd Entertainment.

We've seen quite a few found footage alien-themed projects come our way over the past few years, some of them good, but the vast majority of them have either been instantly forgettable or just downright terrible. Hopefully THE ENCOUNTER can bring something new and uniquely scary to this overdone subgenre.

The film stars Clint James and Megan Drust. Here's the synopsis:

When the lights go down, what you can’t see can hurt you.

When Collin Bastrow is found in the forest, alone and afraid, he has a shocking story to tell. As he struggles to recount the events of the previous night, his memories return in a series of horrific flashes of what became of his friends and fiancée. What started as a simple camping trip in the mountains of Northern Arizona quickly descended into an amazing and terrifying story that is truly out of this world. As the sole survivor of this deadly close encounter, Collin must try to explain the unexplainable.

You can check out the first trailer and poster for THE ENCOUNTER below and look for the flick to head our way in June.

Source: Arrow In The Head

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