Queen’s Brian May not happy about Universal removing fan videos from internet

Queen guitarist Brian May wants people to know that fan-recorded videos being removed from the internet it is not the band’s doing.

Brian May

We will, we will block you. It seems that concert footage of Queen is being flagged and removed from social media platforms. And while this might initially seem like the doing of Queen, guitarist Brian May is far from supporting it, even apologizing to fans who have tried to share their favorite live songs online.

Brian May — who, along with Roger Taylor, has been a member of Queen since 1970 — took to Instagram to address the concern, saying Universal has turned “Draconian” through their task. But he wants to break free from the assumption he and the band had any say in removing the videos. “The decision to take these videos down certainly hasn’t come from us, the band. hopefully we will get an answer soon. Meanwhile, be extra careful and l’m sorry you good folks of good intentions have been put in this position.”

But don’t stop him now because Brian May had some parting words of positivity for his followers, offering this message: “Wishing you a happy Christmas season. In common with many of you, I don’t find it easy to come up to the level of frenetic joyfulness that is portrayed in the media as requisite for this time of year. But let’s all look around us, and look for ways to make other people’s Christmases as Jolly as possible. Apart form anything else, it’s good therapy!” Queen is special to many people, perhaps especially even more so this time of year, when “Thank God It’s Christmas” gets some rightful airplay. That single was featured on the band’s third Greatest Hits compilation. So far none of those songs have been removed from subsequent pressings

Queen is currently on The Rhapsody Tour, continuing with Adam Lambert on vocals. While Lambert could never replace the legendary Freddie Mercury, the tour has been a hit across the globe. May occasionally posts on Instagram about the tour…and asteroid systems, which is fitting for his background as an astrophysicist.

As for classic Queen concerts, we can’t help but nudge everybody towards one of the greatest recordings of its kind, Queen at Wembley…and there’s not a single iPhone in sight!

Are bootleg clips worth fighting or is this just part of modern concert culture? Give us your thoughts below!

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