Scream 7: Director Christopher Landon quits, calling job a “nightmare”

Scream 7 director Christopher Landon has quit the franchise, saying his dream job had become a nightmare.

Christopher Landon, Scream 7

Landing your dream job doesn’t always turn out to be good, as director Christopher Landon suggested on X today, announcing that he’s quit Scream 7. Indeed, the director didn’t mince words, writing that “it was a dream job that turned into a nightmare.” The director is likely referring to the myriad behind-the-scenes issues that seem to be prematurely killing what initially came off as a promising relaunch for the venerable franchise. Back in November, it was announced that breakout star Melissa Barrera, who was leading the franchise, had been fired due to social media posts in the wake of the Israeli-Hamas war that were deemed anti-semitic by some. 

Landon, in a staggering honest post to X, initially made his displeasure known right then and there, writing, “This is my statement: Everything sucks. Stop yelling. This was not my decision to make.“ Only days later, it was announced that Jenna Ortega would also be skipping the next Scream movie, with conflicting reports stating that it either had to do with her schedule on Netflix’s Wednesday or a low-ball salary offer from the studio producing the film, Spyglass. Notably, original series star Neve Campbell had opted to leave the franchise due to a salary dispute. However, rumour has it that following Barrera and Ortega’s exit, the studio wanted her to return (opposite her Scream 3 love interest, Patrick Dempsey).

Here’s Landon’s full statement:

Christopher Landon is widely considered an up-and-comer in horror, having made the Happy Death Day films and the well-received comedy-horror mash-up Freaky. The son of Highway to Heaven star Michael Landon, the director is known for being blunt about behind-the-scenes drama, such as when he railed against Peacock for their decision to send so many horror titles to a day-and-date release on the service, undercutting their theatrical gross.

No word yet on who might replace Landon, but given all the turmoil behind the scenes, it sounds like he’s better off making his exit. 

Source: X

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