Terrifier 3 will recapture the spooky atmosphere of the original short films

Terrifier 3, Art the Clown

Terrifier 2 has proven to be the independent horror movie that could, grossing over $12 million worldwide. While that may not seem like much compared to billion-dollar blockbusters like Avatar: The Way of Water, it’s important to note that the film was produced for just $250,000. Naturally, Terrifier 3 is a sure thing, and writer/director Damien Leone told Twitter that he’d like to recapture the creepy tone of the original Terrifier short film.

One of my main goals for Terrifier 3 is to recapture the creep factor present in the original Terrifier short film,” Leone wrote. “That had a genuinely spooky atmosphere that I’m still proud of. If all goes as planned, part 3 will be the scariest Terrifer thus far.” The character of Art the Clown made his first appearance in The 9th Circle, a short film written and directed by Leone, before appearing in the short film Terrifier, and the feature-films All Hallows Eve, Terrifier, and Terrifier 2.

After being resurrected by a sinister entity, Art the Clown returns to Miles County where he must hunt down and destroy a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night,” reads the official synopsis for Terrifier 2. “As the body count rises, the siblings fight to stay alive while uncovering the true nature of Art’s evil intent.” The sequel made headlines thanks to reports of several viewers vomiting and fainting during screenings. “Listen, I would have loved to have a couple walk-outs, I think that’s sort of a badge of honor because it is an intense movie,” Leone said. “I don’t want people fainting, getting hurt during the movie. But it’s surreal.” One of the most gruesome scenes in the sequel is the bedroom scene, and when asked if he was going to top it in Terrifier 3, Leone merely said, “Of course.

Our own Cody Hamman reviewed Terrifier 2 earlier this year, but felt the sequel was ultimately a letdown. “I found All Hallows’ Eve to be entertaining, and really enjoyed Terrifier,” Hamman wrote. “I was glad to see that movie catch on with the public the way it did. But Terrifier 2 was a letdown for me. There are definitely some cool things about the movie – Thornton is awesome, LaVera has a bright future, I loved the synth score by Paul Wiley – but it was way too long and nonsensical. It’s not interesting enough to sustain the bloated running time, so getting through it felt like a slog. It’s the kind of sequel you would expect to have a number like 7, 8, or 9 attached to it… and yet it’s just a number 2.” You can check out the rest of Hamman’s Terrifier 2 review right here.

What are you hoping to see from Terrifier 3?

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