Terrifier novelizations and podcast are on the way

The three Terrifier films are getting novelizations, and Cineverse will be launching a podcast that’s dedicated to Terrifier

Variety reports that our friends at Cineverse’s Bloody Disgusting are expanding their multimedia horror brand with a new publishing imprint called Bloody Press – and among the first projects on the Bloody Press agenda are novelizations of the films Terrifier, Terrifier 2, and Terrifier 3 (which is set to receive a theatrical release on October 25, 2024). The Cineverse Podcast Network, which has a Bloody FM podcast banner, will also be launching a new podcast that’s dedicated to the Terrifier franchise.

Beyond the realm of Art the Clown, Cineverse will also be producing a new scripted audio series called Dead Space: Deep Cover, “which will follow a journalist searching for her missing sister who joined a Unitologist church.” That show is a collaboration with Electronic Arts.

Bloody Press will be publishing the Terrifier 2 novelization first – which makes sense, because the movie was a massive hit when it was released last year, earning $15.1 million at the box office on a budget of $250,000. Written by Tim Waggoner, who previously wrote the novelization of Halloween Kills, the book will be available in print, audio, and digital formats in February 2024. The novelizations of Terrifier and Terrifier 3 will be released to coincide with Terrifier 3‘s October theatrical release.

Cineverse president and chief strategy officer Erick Opeka provided the following statement: “From the theatrical success of independent films such as Terrifier 2, to the triple-digit growth at Screambox as we approach two years since acquiring the streamer, we have amassed a strong track record in horror. Tom Owen, Brad Miska and the entire Bloody Disgusting team have not only shown the ability to identify and develop great horror content, but also to drive new revenue for the company overall, across every medium, including audio, consumer products, and now publishing.

Tom Owen added, “I’m thrilled for the coming debut of Bloody Press, and for the opportunity for Pacific and I to take what we have learned from Bloody FM to expand our audio capabilities into other genres. We are grateful to the fans and brands who have connected with great podcasts like The Dead, Mayfair Watcher’s Society and The Losers’ Club, and can’t wait to bring them Dead Space: Deep Cover, Terrifier and more in the coming months.

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Source: Variety

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