The Texas ChainSaw Massacre theatrical re-release schedule and trailer

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

MPI/Dark Sky Films, one of the leading distributors of independent and genre films, will be releasing a restored version of Tobe Hooper’s 1974 classic THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE to theaters across the U.S., and today they’ve revealed exactly when and where you’ll get a chance to hear those sweet and terrifying sounds of Leatherface’s chainsaw revving up. We not only have dates and locations for you folks, but EW snagged a new trailer for the restored version of the film that you can check out below as well!

The new version of the film will be released in theaters this summer with a brand new 4K transfer, roughly four times the resolution of today’s more commonly used 2K for cinema. This is the only transfer of THE TEXAS CHAIN SAW MASSACRE to go back to the original 16mm A/B rolls, the actual film that rolled through the cameras.

"This 40th anniversary restoration is absolutely the best the film has ever looked. The color and clarity is spectacular, displaying visual details in the film that were never before perceptible. The newly remastered 7.1 soundtrack breathes new life and energy into the film. I am very much looking forward to audiences experiencing this film as they never have before," said Tobe Hooper.

Release Schedule:

June 21

  • New York, Film Society of Lincoln Center

June 27

  • New York, IFC Center

June 27

  • Boston, Coolidge Corner

July 4

  • Richardson, TX, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

July 11

  • Portland, Hollywood Theatre
  • Houston, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
  • Kalamazoo, MI, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
  • Winchester, VA, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
  • Washington, DC, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

July 18

  • Austin, TX, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (Slaughter Lane)
  • Littleton, CO, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
  • Winston-Salem, NC, a/perture
  • Eugene, OR, Bijou Metro
  • Tulsa, OK, Circle Cinema

July 19

  • Yonkers, NY, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

July 25

  • Kansas City, MO, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

July 25

  • Lubbock, TX, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
  • New Braunfels, TX, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema
  • San Antonio, TX, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema (Westlakes)
  • Nashville, TN, Belcourt

August 1

  • Seattle, WA, SIFF Cinema

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