The Carnivores trailer: Lindsay Burdge, Tallie Medel star in odd thriller

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

The trailer for director Caleb Michael Johnson's thriller The Carnivores is packed with quotes from critics who called the film strange and surreal, and the clips from the movie that surround those quotes make sure those descriptions make sense to the viewer. This does indeed look like a very bizarre film – and fans of the weird can watch The Carnivores on Amazon Prime Video at THIS LINK. The film is set to be released on DVD (pre-order HERE) on July 13th.

Check out the trailer embedded above and see whether or not The Carnivores looks interesting to you.

Johnson made his feature directorial debut with the dramedy Joy Kevin, starring Tallie Medel. Medel is also the lead in The Carnivores, and is joined in the cast by Lindsay Burdge of The Midnight Swim, The Invitation, and XX.

Johnson wrote The Carnivores with Jeff Bay Smith. Here's the rather lengthy synopsis: 

Alice and Bret’s dog Harvie is dying, and he’s ruining everything. What had been a bright little family is quickly being consumed by clouds of self-doubt, suspicion, and a disturbing amount of ground beef. Bret (Burdge) is taking the news hard. She's had Harvie since before the relationship and is startled to find just how much of her sense of self is wrapped up in her history with him. Alice (Medel) thus finds herself on the outside of a relationship looking in. Bret's obsession with the dog is getting overtly unhealthy, yet the more Alice attempts to connect, the further Bret retreats.

As the stress on Alice, a vegan, manifests in increasingly strange ways involving sleepwalking and a fascination with meat, she plans to get rid of Harvie to reclaim Bret’s love. But when Alice wakes one night holding an empty leash with no sign of Harvie except his severed ear, she begins to fear she's become a monster. As each woman sets out in search of what's been lost, Alice and Bret uncover parts of each other they never suspected, hideous and beautiful alike.

Although I can already tell that I'm not going to like the Alice character at all, The Carnivores looks so odd that I'm definitely going to have to check it out.

The Carnivores trailer

Source: Arrow in the Head

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