Ti West says “we’ll see” on 4th X movie

X trilogy director Ti West said that MaXXXine will most likely end the series but he does have another idea that could work.

Ti West

Through his X movies, Ti West has created one of the best, most ambitious horror series going right now. And while we’re on the cusp of his trilogy coming to an end after the slow-burn ‘70s homage X and demented origin story Pearl, some may be eager for more after this summer’s MaXXXine. But will that ever happen?

Ti West confirmed that MaXXXine “will probably be the end of the Maxine era” but did also note, “I do have one idea that plays into these movies that could maybe happen. I don’t know if it’ll be next. It might be. We’ll see.” That’s not too hopeful, but we did go in knowing that Ti West would be delivering a trilogy, so we can’t be all that disappointed if it ends where it was intended to.

Ti West also said that MaXXXine is by far the most ambitious of the trilogy, saying, “The thing that the other two movies don’t have is that sort of scope. To try to do a big, sprawling Los Angeles ensemble movie is what the movie was, and that’s just a big undertaking.” MaXXXine takes place after the events of Pearl, finding Mia Goth’s character in Los Angeles at the same time as serial killer the Night Stalker aka Richard Ramirez. That aspect opens up the opportunity for a lot more blood than even its predecessors – a fitting way to conclude the X series.

It also gives the series a chance to explore a realm it has yet to, ensuring yet again that fans can’t guess where it leads. As Ti West also said, “People will be killed, yeah, I’m going to deliver on all those things. But it’s going to zig instead of zag in a lot of places that people aren’t expecting. It’s a very decadent world that she lives in, and it’s a very aggressive world that she lives in, but the threat shows up in an unexpected way.”

Are you looking forward to Ti West capping off his X trilogy or do you want more movies in that universe? What has been your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments section below.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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