Trailer for Gonzalo Lopez’s Giallo-ish thriller Sweet Pain stabs the net!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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We loved director Gonzalo Lopez's latest film DOLOROSA GIOIA aka SWEET PAIN (READ OUR REVIEW HERE), a thriller that boldly uses very little dialogue while sporting heavy Brian DePalma and Giallo influences. Produced by Lopez (Sweetwater Pictures), Javier Rueda (Aved Productions) and AITH founder John Fallon (Bruise Productions), we now have the film's ENGLISH TRAILER to wet your appetite! Stab it below!

Sweet Pain is about:

Carlo, a young music composer from a wealthy family, is going through an emotional crisis. When he moves to a new house he recalls the events that led to his condition: the moment he met Maria, his first marriage, his obsession with music, the infidelities and the brutal consequences of it. While the past returns in the form of memories, Carlo fights to recover his life, to hold on to his desire to compose music and to retain his sanity.

The film was written and directed by Gonzalo Lopez and stars Amiran Winter, Paula Célières, and Cristian Monasterio. It is now seeking worldwide distribution. You can follow the film's progress on its Official Facebook Page here!

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