Trailer for MTV’s Eye Candy, starring Victoria Justice

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

So this looks pretty dopey, but what the hell, it’s a very slow news day.

MTV has a serial killer series called “Eye Candy” on the horizon, and today we present you with the first trailer. It stars Victoria Justice as a sexy hacker (!!!) who is stalked by an obsessive psycho.

Here’s the official plot:

Eye Candy centers on a beautiful but reclusive hacker whose blog exposes everything from terrorist plots to suspected killers. Convinced by her roommate to begin online dating, Lindy (Justice) is targeted by a dangerous cyberstalker and believes one of her suitors to be the culprit. When things take a deadly turn, she teams up with the city’s cyber-crime unit to catch the killer.”

How many “beautiful but reclusive hackers” exist on this planet? That’s what I thought.

“Eye Candy” premieres January 12th on MTV.

Source: MTV

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