Trailer, stills, and release info for Autumn Blood, starring Sophie Lowe

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

It's been quite a while since we've heard any news regarding Markus Blunder's AUTUMN BLOOD, with our last report coming way back in September of 2012 when the film was first announced. Now the Sophie Lowe-starring thriller is set to hit theaters and VOD next month on September 19, and we've landed a trailer and a handful of stills for ya to check out.

Also starring Peter Stormare, Gustaf Skarsgard, Samuel Vauramo and Maximilian Harnisch, AUTUMN BLOOD concerns…

Two young orphans in the Tirolian Mountains come under siege by a vicious band of hunters. Frightened of being separated by child services following the death of their mother, a self-sufficient 16-year-old girl (Sophie Lowe) and her 10-year-old brother (Maximilian Harnisch) – who hasn't spoken a word since seeing his father killed by the mayor (Peter Stormare) – strive to live off the land in peace. Their innocence is shattered, however, when a group of hunters led by the mayor's son brutalizes and rapes the free-spirited girl. Later, when a well-meaning social services worker arrives too late to protect the terrorized siblings, the girl and her brother prepare to take a stand against their ruthless attackers.

While not strictly horror, this film sounds as if it could have enough terrifying elements to deliver a suspense-filled evening of entertainment so I'll give it a peep when it lands on September 19. Check out the trailer, stills, and poster below.

Source: Arrow In The Head

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