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3 new stills from the so called scariest movie of 2012, Six Degrees Of Hell

07.26.2011by: Jake Dee

Regardless of where his career has headed, Corey Feldman stars in three of my all time favorite movies. THE GOONIES, STAND BY ME and THE LOST BOYS. Considering that, I deem it an honor to help push and plug his new horror outing. Truly. And that's precisely what I'm by propping three new photos from the so called "scariest movie of 2012."

SIX DEGREES OF HELL, from writer Harrison Smith and director Joe Raffa, chronicles six lives that are caught up in a supernatural perfect storm as an evil threatens one of them and to tear apart the soul of a small Pennsylvania town.

Aside from Feldman and Raffa, Nicole Cinaglia and David Bonner also star in the flick...which films next month at Hotel of Horror in Saylorsburg, PA.

For more SIX DEGREES OF HELL madness, give the films Facebook page a glance.

Extra Tidbit: You got an all time favorite Feldman performance?
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