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Aja on Hills DVD

03.09.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
In preperation for the films theatrical release tomorrow, Alexandre Aja sat down and chatted with Fango about THE HILLS HAVE EYES (as if you didn't get your full with our interview HERE)... and he talked about all the cool things we can look forward to once HILLS hits DVD.

We won't have an idea of how soon we can see this puppy in stores until we see how well it does at the box office this weekend (I think it's gonna slaughter the competition), but I'm guessing sometime late summer, or if they're smart, this October to capitalize on the season.

The good news is, the MPAA only made him cut 2 minutes out of the theaterical release to get an R rating- should be as nasty as it looks like it's gonna be. Good shit! About time! The bad news... well, hell, there isn't any real bad news. Here's what Aja had to say about the making of featurette he wants on the DVD.

Weíre also pushing to get a very long, accurate and technical 50-minute behind-the-scenes documentary. People watching that stuff want specifics. They donít want to hear how shooting was great and the actors were happy to play the parts; thatís bullshit.

Could it be that this director actually knows what we want? He's giving us everything we could ever want in a DVD- and can you wait for the commentary? Holy crow!

To check out the rest of what Aja's gonna have instore for us on the DVD, click HERE. THE HILLS HAVE EYES hits theaters everywhere tomorrow.
Source: Fangoria



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