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Alamo Drafthouse spots Area 51 for theatrical & VOD release this May

04.23.2015by: Jake Dee

And AREA 51 has been officially located...

Deadline has it on good faith that Alamo Drafthouse has reached a deal to exclusively screen Oren Peli's AREA 51 in 16 theaters for a single weekend, starting May 15th. The flick will also become available via VOD and all other digital platforms the same day. About goddamn time!

Original PARANORMAL ACTIVITY helmer Oren Peli wrote and directed AREA 51, a flick that has been almost as enigmatically forgotten as the military base it focuses on. Here's the logline:

Terror strikes when reporters visit a secret base that houses extraterrestrials.

Not a lot to go on there, but at least we can find comfort in knowing the flick is Rated-R. Reid Warner, Jamel King, Ben Rovner, Suze Lanier-Bramlett, Sandra Staggs, Roy Abramsohn, David Saucedo, Jelena Nik and Glenn Campbell all star in the flick.

Extra Tidbit: You still have any interest in this one?
Source: Deadline



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