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Andrew Traucki's Australian killer-shark film The Reef hits DVD/Blu-ray this July

05.05.2011by: Jake Dee

Three months ago we saw some new stills and posters for Andrew Traucki's Australian killer-shark picture THE REEF. A couple weeks before that, we learned Image Entertainment had secured U.S. distribution rights to the underwater thriller. Well, it looks like Image finally slapped the film with an official DVD/Blu-ray release date...

And that date is...you ready for it...July 19th! Go ahead and pre-order the film on DVD HERE, Blu-ray HERE.

Starring Damian Walshe-Howling, Zoe Naylor (below), Gyton Grantley, Adrienne Pickering, and Kieran Darcy-Smith - THE REEF circles:

Four old friends, as a week sailing on the Great Barrier Reef should have been a dream come true. But when the vessel capsizes, plunging its human cargo into the depths of the treacherous ocean, that dream turns into a nightmare. What should they do? Stay with the damaged boat that could sink at any moment? Or take their chances and swim for land they hope lies 10 miles away? Seasoned fisherman Warren, fearful of what lies beneath, decides to stay with the wreck, whilst the others take to the open water. They only learn too late that they are being stalked by a deadly great white shark, just waiting for one member of the desperate team to fall behind.

Need more? HERE'S the official site for THE REEF?

Extra Tidbit: Real sharks were used in the making of THE REEF. You impressed?



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