Andy Palmer to direct paranormal horror flick Camp Cold Brook for Joe Dante

Camp Cold Brook Joe Dante Andy Palmer

Has a summer camp trip ever gone well in cinema history? The next woodsy idyll to be doused in cold sweat is CAMP COLD BROOK, a supernatural horror flick that will be directed by Andy Palmer (THE FUNHOUSE MASSACRE) from a script by Alex Carl for Petri Entertainment, Busted Buggy Entertainment and Joe Dante’s Renfield Productions. 

CAMP COLD BROOK centers around a horrific incident in 1993 when dozens of young campers without warning, stand at attention, seemingly in a hypnotic trance and proceed attack not only each other, but the staff as well with deadly intent. The survivors then bind their feet with rope tethered to large rocks and drag themselves into the nearby lake. Twenty-five years later Reality TV Ghost Hunter, Jack Wilson, finds himself in a tough spot. His show, “Haunted Places”, is on the brink of being cancelled.

In a last ditch effort to spark ratings to land a final season, he and his producers as well as their trusted cameraman choose the legend of Camp Cold Brook to try and save their show. Their arrival begins like any other episode. Cameras are placed, and the team sets up shop in the dilapidated lodge and wait. But this is not going to be a regular episode. The terror here was real and the 30 are about to rise.

Says Palmer: "“I could not be more excited to be taking on CAMP COLD BROOK. In addition to Alex Carl’s script being one of the scariest I’ve ever read, with great characters and frightening imagery, being able to partner with Renfield Productions and Joe Dante is a dream come true. He’s directed and produced some of my favorite films, and I look forward to not only working with him, but learning so much from him as well.”

Palmer has a lot of experience editing reality TV (including The Soup classics I Love New York and Rock of Love with Bret Michaels), so he'll be able to bring a verité charm to what would otherwise be a routine found footage setup. More details as the film develops!

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite summer camp horror movie?



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