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Axeman 2 cast announced, including Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham

07.29.2014by: Eric Walkuski

I know what you're thinking: "That's the best headline I've ever read!" Also, "There was an AXMAN 1?" You're not wrong to think these things, I assure you.

Indeed, we received a press release today touting AXEMAN 2: OVERKILL, which evidently "picks up the story where the original 2014 film AXEMAN left off and will deliver a new chapter in the Axeman At Cutter’s Creek saga with the goal of making it darker, grittier and bloodier than the original."

Playing the titular character of Bill “The Axeman” Talbert is former 3-time World Champion, WWE’s “Adam Bomb”/ WCW’s “Wrath”, also known as Bryan Clark.

Most importantly, the film stars Farrah Abraham of former “Teen Mom” fame. More recently, Ms. Abraham is known for starring in a classy little production called "Backdoor Teen Mom", which you can watch at your favorite porn site. Presumably, her daughter was sleeping a few rooms away while she was making that gem.

Abraham has been cast as Fannie Rae Baker, "a bible-thumping Evangelical Christian on her way with her husband and friends to the Crimson Cross’ Christian Couple Camp when The Axeman shows up to separate them... and dismember them." Cute.

Allen Merritt, Arielle Hader, Edward Gusts, Angelica Bridges and others co-star; the Joston “El Rey” Theney-directed film begins production on September 29th.




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