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Blood Countess gets Hurt

08.10.2007by: Eric Walkuski

Probably the most memorable scene in the otherwise forgettable HOSTEL PART II was the one where a poor lass gets hung upside down and bled to death over a hot naked babe writhing in a bathtub. It was kinda cruel and the very definition of “torture porn," sure, but it still struck a nerve in this horror hound.

Roth himself has admitted that the scene was inspired by the real-life tale of 16th century Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who notoriously preferred her rubber duckies to float in the blood of virgins in order to preserve her youth. (Take it from my mom, it doesn’t work.)

Julie Delpy, who I thought was such a nice girl all along, is making a film based on the wicked chick (who I might add was engaged when she was ELEVEN - Bathory, not Delpy) entitled THE COUNTESS - which we last told you about here.

Delpy has just added badass William Hurt to the cast. According to Delpy, Hurt plays “The most Machiavellian [character]. He’s not a murderer. He’s a very powerful man. There’s a lot of political intrigue.” He joins Radha Mitchell and Vincent Gallo. (Ethan Hawke was originally attached but has since departed)

Delpy describes the film as “a romantic drama with a hint of a thriller.” Romantic eh? I guess if you’re a blood-obsessed psycho all you need to do to light a few candles, talk with a frothy Hungarian accent, and the mood is set! (Hope you're all taking notes.)

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